Sunday, November 21, 2010

This Girl Should Be Crushed To Death

In the beginning of the video, I thought it was another loving girl caring for her pet. But not so after seeing towards the end of the video...

For whatever reason, this chinese girl's action in the video is very cruel towards animal. I guess action should be taken against her. I can't help it but it kept me wondering if they are buying the rabbits to be eaten for dinner or rearing as a pet. I really do hope that they are treating it as dinner. What she is doing is very awful and from how she is prepared with the glass panel, I do not think it is the girl's first time.

Her friends are sitting there to enjoy the show? Yikes! These girls are sick. I really pity those rabbits still alive in the cage.

 Judging from the conversation they had, I think they are from China.

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