Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Rabbit Killer Sequel Video - With Stilettos This Time

Back in November 21, 2010 I posted on "This Girl Should Be Crushed To Death" where it featured a girl who killed a rabbit using a glass panel, well... apparently that freaking video of hers made a great impression not only to the world but also to her as well. And she decided to do a sequel killing to 2 rabbits this time by using her stilettos.

Human behavior is getting so weird lately. Worst when their intention is to get more attention from the world. They don't really know how to differentiate between the right and wrong. I'm surprised that in this 'sequel' murdering video of hers, she actually made an effort to speak in English just for us to understand. I really pity those dear rabbit in the video especially when you can actually hear them cry for help.

Relevant authorities, I do hope you WILL TRACK HER DOWN and conduct the respective needs to penalize and punish this evil lady! You can choose to be brutal and cruel! Just torture her!

And guess what? I just found this online when they uncover the story behind the killing. Please read!

From MOP:
Recently, the video of a girl senselessly killing a baby rabbit appeared on the Internet. The cruelty provoked Netizens’ great anger towards the rabbit killer girl. Many of you thought this was just an isolated incident, the girl was probably mentally ill. However no, the truth is behind her cruel acts there is an interest group by the name of “Crush Fetish”. Including those other girls appeared in the video are all members of this group of abusing and killing various small animals. The goal of making these sick videos is to make profit; they make the videos into DVD discs and sell them to foreign countries. Prior to this, there were already videos of a mid-aged women abusing and killing cats, rabbits and dogs on the Internet, she was just one of them.

After the rabbit killing video was released to the public, one netizen talked to me in details about these videos of killing small animals and about the insider profiteering group. He said that he had monitored the group secretly for 6 month in order to expose them. Due to the group being very secretive and exclusive, he had no progress for while. After a long period of time, he finally obtained some chat records between the group members, images and also many videos of them abusing and killing various small animals.
In a related chat record, an Internet user named “Sound of Heaven” (天堂之音) expressed his view about the woman killing small animals in March. He said, “People who like Crush Fetish are not promoting and encouraging violence and murdering people, but it is an extension to SM, a state, crushed to death by a woman, a spirit of sacrificing oneself for her…” He also questioned people who attempt to make law against animal cruelty are all vegetarians.

(In response:) We are not vegetarians, however animals, being food of humans, should also have the proper way of life and death. That is, an instant death, death with dignity. Not to be tortured and abused, dying slowly in pain. Meat eaters are not in contradiction with protecting animals from cruelty, they do not use the painful death of the animals to satisfy their sensory pleasures. However this group abusing and killing small animals, rakes in staggering profits from the painful deaths of these animals.
As for now, China does not have laws that punish the crime of animal cruelty. But for such acts, the vast majority of people will condemn and ridicule, because it deviates from the most basic human morality.
The following are some chat records of the group “Crush Fetish” and more pictures that were not seen in the video on the Internet.

Group members on QQ

Chat record:
“where are the devil girls”
“crushing animals”
“what kind of animals?”
“Devil girl has a new videos out? Smile with tongue out

More information was posted in this article on MOP:
According to insiders, this group abusing and killing small animals was named “Crushfetish”; the other group branched out was named “killer”. They sell these sick video clips to foreign countries. Most of these people are in this QQ Group: 76478546, their main website is (http://www.fetishcn.info/index.php). Because of the Asian Games, this website is down during the day, and only up for 2 – 3 hours at night. The website sells used women’s underwear and used women’s shoes. Of course there are SM services, information and even sick category like “crush”. Those people who make the videos gather here to buy and sell their stuff and hire female to perform these sick acts! The website changed to sell VIP memberships to prevent animal right activists from peeking. (“Sound of Heaven” mentioned earlier is the site webmaster) Currently there is also another platform that is involved in the sick game of “crush”,http://www.alifootclub.com/aboutus.html. They also sell VIP membership. The members often lure young girls to engage these perverted acts. The young girls are told that the videos are sold internally only so there would be no risk.
Former founder of “Crushword” Yang Guo once said in an interview, “This “Crush” is a product, because the hired abuser is now a high-income occupation, generally starts with 3,000 yuan, no “queen” is willing to do this for less than five six thousand.”
As for human flesh searching the rabbit killer girl, someone claimed to be this girl and wrote a public apology letter in her QQ zone. However MOP thinks the apology was full of lies; it was a way for the pervert group to divert people’s attention away from them.
Later the same person posted again in his/her QQ zone saying she/he was not the rabbit killer girl, she/he wrote the letter just to seek attention and lure people to visit her/his QQ zone.
More screen shots of the many videos made by this sick group:



  1. I knew I’d regret watching the video you posted. It was horrific and made me physically ill. That poor rabbit. I love rabbits, and they are always silent — except when they are dying in a horrific way and they will shriek. That sound! I can’t get it out of my head.

    I very rarely feel hatred towards other people, but I hate this woman with a passion and would have no qualms about inflicting torturous cruelty on her.

  2. after die, these whores will turn into those animals and they will crush the fiery stone for eternity, except that they will be punished in this world, not only after death in hell

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  4. It's funny, but a lot of cleaning after that. They kill them took quick, I'll let them scream a little more =P

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    3. Go to fucking hell and rot there along side Hitler and Osama Bin Laden! Maybe your mother should've slowly squashed you underneath her stilettos when you were a baby so it could be funny to others you worthless human being!

    4. Hi Yu-Chan. I would like to chat. Would you like to email me at davidphooter@gmail.com?

  5. Replies
    1. your comment just showed how much you are no different than those girls. Being racist is a serious issue.

  6. I hope those fucking ladies die. I hate them for killing those poor defense animals. They didn't deserve to die like that. I love bunnies. That was just sad. I didn't see the video, I didn't want to see. I saw the pictures. That was horrible.

  7. These bitches should all rot in fucking hell. I couldn't watch the whole video but that bitch looked and acted soulless, as she were a robot. Fucking Asians with their weird fetishes

    1. Umm... only Asians have weird fetish?

  8. Why :'(
    This make me cry ;'(
    Poor rabbits..:(

  9. loved it! especially when it screams...rewinded it many times and came to it :D

    1. it's either you are a troll or you are just extremely styuuupidd

    2. One thing I gotta say to you burn in hell and all this your sickness.


  11. How is this even a fetish there's nothing sexually attractive about this!? It's not remotely equivalent to S&M doms don't kill their clients! Bet they wouldn't be laughing if they saw people crushing their unwanted baby girls!
    I just lost a lot of respect for Asian people just now, I know all don't get into this sick shit I'd hope the majority is completely against it, but no I can't have the utmost respect with people doing shit like this I wouldn't for any group.
    I have a pet rabbit & i'd blow your fucking head straight off with a shot gun if you stepped on her purposefully for some sick twisted fantasy! Don't expect my sympathy when terrorists start attacking their country either it's bound to happen if you're remotely considered a U.S ally which China is.
    I'm going to have nightmares tonight I've lost all hope in humanity!

    1. Karimoon, please do some research before commenting. I do condemn this action very much. However, this fetish in fact was pioneered and popularized by a porn producer (an American) named Jeff Vilencia sometimes in 1999. It has been around since then and the fact is, a lot of people from different nations are involved in this. However, the owner of this blog only decides to show videos and pics that were done by these horrific Asian girls.
      Also, saying about how China deserves to be terrorized, you have implicated that all the people who live in China deserve to die. The economy is U.S. largely influenced by the Chinese mass production. Yeah there are a lot of issues about this, and I don't even want to start. I have lost my faith in humanity as well but I'm not giving up and I still choose to believe there still many decent people out there. I understand that you are furious, but saying that all Chinese people are the same just because of this video, it's very unjust isn't it?

  12. And look, hey, that's probably a coincidence, but... THEY ARE CHINESE.

    1. Hey, that's probably a coincidence but apparently ALL ASIANS ARE CHINESE

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  14. Obviously all of the people who have left comments are extremely unaware? Did you read at all? Go do some research. These girls are not choosing to commit these horrific acts against animals, it is men behind the scenes, the PRODUCERS who are telling them to do this so they can give the girls money. These girls are being exploited for profit because they have no other choice, doesn't anyone get it? And by the way, yes vegetarians are more concerned than those who eat animals. And no, the meat you eat here in the U.S. is not killed humanely, they suffer also... so this should be of no surprise. Open your eyes people. Go do some research and realize how you eating meat is contributing to millions of animals suffering. Its hypocritical to any care for bunnies being crushed (which is VERY SAD and upsetting and cruel!) and then consume animals that suffer as well. Not only should you advocate for the bunnies being crushed, you should advocate for ALL ANIMALS being slaughtered for your meal.

    1. By the way, this is still happening. The issue has not gone away. Crush videos are continuing.

    2. AND, just to add, this is not so different from S&M porn where WOMEN are being degraded for men's pleasure. It's all quite disgusting.

    3. but these women have decided to be exploited for the money

  15. i know now why theres death penalty in some countrys on earth...

  16. I am a chinese and vegetarian. I hate them. no heart!! fuck you!!

  17. How do you guys think animals die in the wild? It's often worse than this. And yet you do nothing about it. In fact you want to torture/kill an actual human being for inflicting a minutes worth of pain on a bunny. Get over yourselves. Think of all the pleasure this video provide to crush fetishists. Hahaha. What a silly issue. Hypocrites.

  18. As much as I condemn this action very much, I also condemn those who think all Chinese people all the same. For your information, there are other people from different nations who contribute to many other animal crush videos. However, the owner of this blog chose only to show videos that are done by these horrific girls. In the history of animal crush video, it was first popularized by Jeff Vilencia, a porn producer who decides to make a twist on the so-called "crush fetish." He admits that he has always the pleasure in crushing invertebrates since he was 2-3 years old.

    Also, FYI, to those who understand Japanese, at the end of the movie the girl clearly said "ja ne," which is Japanese for "see ya later."
    With this, I am still not willing to say that Jap girls are mentally insane but it all comes down to the individual. So please, if you condemn this action, condemn the person, not the nation from which she/he appears.

    Links to other news that are relevant to this video:




  19. I was crying, sad and angry when he saw the devil woman killed innocent animal is a rabbit what animal I love it I want to kill that savage woman!!!
    degrees bitch you are so despicable than prostitutes, rabbits also animate beings are not worthy to be killed in such a cruel way!!
    China is a country of savage, cruel and trash all the way done to benefit satisfaction with their lives, regardless of animal and human life, if the action is not in the care of atrocities by the Chinese authorities wait barbarous country would in catastrophic bestowed by God!

    1. Thank you I agree on it your right

    2. some China people are good and some are bad n i fucking hate those bad ones!

  20. What does our European / North-American law says about BUYING these kind of videos, that show acts that are strict crimes in the Western world?

    Does it say anything, or even nothing??

    Buying and sharing child-porn is strictly forbidden here. So why is not this, then?

    Are our politicians aware of this?

    What about if your friend / sibling / partner / boss / parent buys these videos and has them up-loaded on the PC ?

    Is everything OK then ?

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  24. I don't approve of this. But I don't see how this is any different from killing animals for food. Food triggers the most pleasurable happy feeling in our brain. Even more so than sexual pleasure. And we all eat Rabbits. How is killing rabbit for sexual pleasure any different from killing, skinning and cooking a rabbit for dinner ? Double standards ?

    Again, I don't support either. I am a vegan and I don't approve killing animals for food or sexual pleasure or hunt etc. But I don't want to judge the actors in the porn films either. They are obviously making this movie because their is an audience out there who are willing to risk it all and pay a large sum of money for this.

    IMO the only porn that should be illegal is fucking dead people , rape (nonconsual) and child porn. Everything else goes. Do what you got to do.