Sunday, May 15, 2011

Auntie Juggles Tofu Like A Ball

A viral video in China of a middle-aged woman who sells tofu in a market. She juggles a block of tofu like a football (soccer ball) and performs other tricks, amazing bystanders. In the end, the video reveals itself to be a viral advertisement.
[translation of the Chinese subtitles in the video:]

Come! Come!
Everyone come watch ayi [auntie] juggle tofu!
When juggling, you must be delicate, the entire body relaxed.
Just like boxing
you have to be clever/precise.
Take it easy.
Juggling tofu is the same as juggling a ball.
Look, controlling the ball is a piece of cake.
I’m not trying to brag…
but if I were a man,
the World Football MVP would definitely be me.

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