Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let's Vote For Amelia Shahrin!!!!! She Needs Our Support!!!

Hello everyone!! need a favour from all my friends and strangers alike. My dearest friend, Amelia Shahrin is participating in Original Bootcamp (OBC) 8 Week weigh loss challenge which started in October 2010. To be in the finalists list, she needs as many votes to win. Anyone can vote for her and only 1 vote per person. And she will be needing at least 200 people's vote. I'm sure we can do it for her!

Let's give our support and vote for her at the link!!! Vote Here! (Just An Easy Click) The voting is only up till midnight! So, let's help her in her dream of getting slim again!!!!!! VOTE!

She's really working hard for it! So let's help motivate her by doing our bit, VOTE!! She's aiming for 50kgs in the finals!!!!!

Vote Here! (Just An Easy Click)

Let's Hear Negaraku In Cha Cha & Rock? LOL!

"Negaraku" (English: My Country) is the national anthem of Malaysia. "Negaraku" was selected as a national anthem at the time of the Federation of Malaya's independence from Britain in 1957. The tune was originally used as the state anthem of Perak[1], which was adopted from a popular French melody titled "La Rosalie" composed by the lyricist Pierre-Jean de Béranger. - Wikipedia

Time has evolved, including how we present the song as well. We hear the song during airplay on our mainstream media, at the end of a sports game (when Malaysia wins), on official events etc.... but I have never heard our national anthem being sung in the style like what our American stars attempted it as someone (forgotten who) told me that our national anthem could not be sung in such manner as it would show disrespect. It's a national anthem, not a pop song... but look what I found....

The deeper I looked for the song in youtube I found more versions of our national anthem apart of the Namawee's parody of Negaraku in other titles. Hence, I Wiki-ed for it.

[In 2007, a YouTube video featuring a parody of the Negaraku anthem caused controversy in Malaysia. The video, named Negarakuku, features Wee Meng Chee, a Malaysian student studying in Taiwan, who weaves the Negaraku into a Chinese language rap. The Flag of Malaysia was featured at the backdrop. This controversial video caused outrage among most members of the Malaysian cabinet. The song criticises the government and pejoratively speaks about the Malays, the primary ethnic group of Malaysia.
Lokananta, Indonesia's state-owned recording company alleged that "Negaraku" imitated Indonesia's song titled "Terang Boelan". "Terang Boelan" itself is a song adapted from French song "La Rosalie".[4] . This continues the conflict that had already been sparking since the first days of the independence between the people of Malaysia and Indonesia, mainly using the Internet as the battleground. Soekarno told his people not to sing "Terang Boelan" anymore because its composition was and is similar to "Negaraku". - Wikipedia]

Anyway, here's a quick mash up of the Negaraku in different version.

Monday, November 29, 2010

One Of The Best Cover Song! Tong Hua (童话)

This seems to be the best cover for Tong Hua so far. But to me, I didn't quite like the violin and trumpet at the end. It kinda spoilt the song. Hahahahahaha!

Available for download as well.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

If These Boys Were My Son, I'd Beat The Shit Out Of Them!

These are young boys, so young and already indulging themselves into gang of mobsters. Here they are beating up a young helpless innocent boy from Kepong. Hooligans.

The links to their facebook is found on this youtube video info! If you are the parents of these youngsters, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Another one...

I Would Love To Get Myself Into One Of These Rides. Wanna Join Me?

The Griffon roller coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, is a Bolliger & Mabillard diving machine that now reigns as the tallest and fastest dive coaster. American Coaster Enthusiasts and members of the media got a sneak peek at the European-themed adventure park.

Each train consists of three rows of ten seats. Once strapped in, the loading platform floor drops and guests hear, "Now, prepare to enjoy the power and speed of the mythical Griffon." After a right turn out of the station, riders climb a 45-degree lift hill running about 10 feet per second,(6.8 mph) 205 feet up. Then they make another turn to the right and face the Royal Palace Theatre. The trains pause on a holding brake for five seconds before dropping 205 feet at 90° hitting 71 mph. The ride then goes into a 146-foot Immelmann loop before making a sweeping turn upward to the left and into the block brake. Riders will then drop 130 feet down at 87° toward The Rhine River and into another 100-foot Immelmann inversion. Finally, riders will exit a bunny hop into a water splash pool. Each of the three trains produces a different water spray pattern up to 45 feet high. Riders then encounter a small dip just before the final brake run and station.

This is one scary ride. Doesn't just looking at the video scare you?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

15th Nov 2010 - Tornadic Waterspout in Penang? How Come We Know Nothing About It?

Was it reported in the papers or was I just pretty ignorant of what is happening? I've checked from the internet and there's no such report from the mainstream media! Ridiculous! Oh yeah, I forgotten they only report on politics. It is proven that youtube is more reliable for updated news!

How come Penang has been experiencing tornado nowadays? It's the second time I see such videos. So what's the next natural disaster that's gonna happen in Penang?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

(MUST WATCH) This Is What Every Parents Wished To Tell Us

I saw a message by TKC telling us to watch this video posted on his Facebook. It is really worth spending a little time seeing this video. You will definitely break into tears cause it's very true.

Whatever your parents are/may go through later on in their life, will happen to you as well. Life is nothing but a cycle.

Thanks to Lovely Butterflies With Roses for making this video! Yes! I WILL SHARE IT! I hope you guys help spread this love awareness too!

"A letter from Mom and Dad" - I kinda cried when i first read it. [HD]

Looks Like Piranha And Sharks Aren't The Only Fish That Eats Human

Tigerfish can be considered Africa's equivalent of the South American piranha, though they belong to a completely different family, as they are famous for their ferocity when hunting. They have razor-sharp teeth that are interlocking, along with streamlined, muscular bodies built for speed.

Tigerfish are aggressive predators. A tigerfish has a gas-filled sac in its body that it uses as a sound receiver. This transmits vibrations from the water, enabling it to detect any animals nearby and respond accordingly. A school of juveniles can tackle animals of almost any size, including any land animals that stray too close to the water's edge. Adults tend to travel in smaller groups of four or five, but they are no less dangerous. Even an individual can take down prey as large as itself.

When food is scarce or the competition for food is too great, tigerfish may resort to cannibalism. This is particularly common in the dry season. Tigerfish have also been known to attack humans, these attacks can be devastating owing to their sharp teeth and aggressive hunting tactics.

Luckily I do not like going into the water. That's what scares me most!

What Happened To You Winter Tyres? You Made Those Buses And Cars Skiing

We're pretty lucky to be nearing the equator and not having to drive in the snow. Look what happened in Seattle yesterday. Cars and buses are starting to ski as well. I wonder what happened to the winter tyres technology. Not effective? Well it looks pretty dangerous to me!

Monday, November 22, 2010

This Is What You Get When You Offend Your Tattoo Artist

This silly boy made a remark to his tattoo artist. As a result, he has the most unwanted scar that will never fade. And has to pay a huge amount to mend it. Dats why, never offend people no matter what you do or where you are. Some people just take things for granted. Stupidity does not pay!

H&M Singapore! Send Me Your Pre-Launch Invite!!!!!!!! I'm COMING!

OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!!! H&M is gonna open in Singapore!!!!!! Singapore, I'll come to you!!!!!!! Guys, you'll love their baju! The cutting and fitting is so "yau yeng"!!!! 

This is what they wrote on their wall...



is opening new stores this week in Belgium, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom. We are also opening in Croatia and Romania in spring 2011, Jordan, Morocco and Singapore in autumn 2011. Find out more on www.hm.com and http://m.hm.com/(mobile) or download the H&M App for further details!8 hours ago"

They have 2,000 outlets worldwide. Why can't they come to Malaysia??????? 

Advertising. The Most Powerful Source In Driving Sales. But Are We Doing It Right?

The Evolution

Back in the olden days, life was easy. Working husbands would return home daily with their family members greeting them at the doorsteps; with meals awaiting on the dining table. Supermarkets and entertainment outlets were limited. These family spends most of their time at home, reading newspapers, watching television or even picnic at the park.

In these recent years Malaysian households have undergone tremendous transformation following the changes in the economy. The shift from agricultural commodities to industrial production has increased job opportunities and changing lifestyles. Family mobility has expanded, individuals are spending more time out-of-home as a result of their modern schedules.

The Time Spent At Home

Urban Malaysia showcases various shopping malls, culture and cuisine in thoroughly modern settings. And with great offers of perfect holiday getaways, an individual only spend an estimate of 35% of their time at home.

A typical time spent of an individual these days would be mainly for business, travelling, lifestyle activities and most of the time, on the road, in short, OUT-OF-HOME.


As we all remembered, advertising was way easier back in the 80’s. Newspapers, television, posters, leaflets and sandwich boards were only the few media that you would need to consider for advertising.

These mediums focused mainly to households where consumers were relaxing or spending time together at home.

But time has changed… Today, emancipation leads to media explosion, globalization, and a knowledged society. Even one of the world’s oldest advertising mediums, outdoor advertising, has been evolving and is now classified under Out of Home to encompass the many different formats.

OUT-OF-HOME (OOH) Advertising

Out of Home (OOH) advertising in Malaysia is presently experiencing phenomenal growth focusing on consumers when they are commuting in transit, in commercial areas and in public places. OOH advertising formats fall into billboard, ambient, transit, or even point-of-sale (retail).

Outdoor advertising has been around as long as advertising itself but this medium is showing new life. Traditional billboard remain the predominant form of outdoor advertising. However there’s been explosive growth in ambient advertising where the advertising is distributed to audience in such places as retail outlets, office buildings, shopping malls, theatres, restaurants and convenience stores. Transit advertising is featured on anything which moves from buses, trains, buses, taxis, and mobile trucks. Point of Sale relates to the retail arena while ambient commonly refers to ‘surroundings’ – elevators, lifts, and other alternative spaces, eg. building wraps, 3D free standing structures and plasma TV wraps in restaurants and coffee shops mainly seen in urban centers.

The Complexity That Cluttered The Minds

Out of Home (OOH) advertising has long been one of the favorite medium for media buyers. The last few years have seen particularly dramatic growth, especially in and around the major cities of Malaysia. The primary, and widely accepted, reason for outdoor advertising is that it provides mass-market visibility for clients and large canvases on which to present bold messages and stunning creative.

There are signs, however, that the many mix media afforded by outdoor advertising may be getting choked. Outdoor has become too crowded and it is impossible to stand out amid the clutter. The outdoor medium has become a victim of its own success, and some of its intrinsic strengths are beginning to become diluted. To a certain extend, if it is not carefully innovating and reinventing themselves to stay relevant to the most demanding advertisers, it will become a potential blind spot.

Captivation and The Platform That Will Stand Out From The Clutter
In my personal opinion, to advertisers, don't you think that you should capture your target market during their dwell time? Wouldn't it be good if we were to place our adverts at advertising mediums that really stands out, with your consumers giving their undivided attention to them? That would be the best medium to roll out your campaign right? Also, do consider having advertising mediums that will require your target market wait for more than 5 mins looking at it, do nothing else, see nothing else, but only looking at your advert. Wouldn't this be the most impactful and best advertising investment?

Do You Wanna Getting Naked At Cyber Cafes In Klang Valley?

Beware! Recently, there is a serial gang robbers that goes around cyber cafes to rob the customers and workers. To avoid being chased after, some even asked the customers and workers to strip NAKED! If you are a frequent cyber cafe goers, please be extra careful. Internet is quite cheap nowadays, go grab one!

Until the cyber cafes strengthen their security, if you wish to get naked in public, cyber cafe is the one!!!!! Muahahahahaha!

SEGAMBUT - August 20

SHAH ALAM - August 20

SEGAMBUT - August 29, Monday 4.40pm

KEPONG - Sept 25, Saturday 10.35pm

LOCATION UNIDENTIFIED - Sept 18, Saturday 7.14pm


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Great Aussie TVC Campaign! 5,804,546 hits!!!

One of the best Don't Drink And Drive Campaign TV Commercial. It's pretty intense and well produced. However I must say that if you get caught for drinking and driving by our PDRM, this would not be the treatment that you'll get. You'll get a lot of threatening and shouting or even bashing before heading to the lock up.

By the way, it has 5,804,546 hits!!!

Ready For Monday?

I found these pictures on the internet and thought that it is very hilarious although some of the warnings are true and real. I hope it brightens up your monday with some laughter.

    Chester Jenkins

 Michael Mx5tx
    Jason Averbook
    Mga Sablay


Have a good start for the week!

You Need To Clean Your Balls

As notty as it sounds, I think this is one of the funniest advertisement ever. I don't know if the product is true though. Anyway, have fun watching it. Check it out!

Great Parodies... You'll Be Laughing

These are some AWESOME parody from TVB actors. TVB is returning to it's prime. Thanks to these great artists.

This Girl Should Be Crushed To Death

In the beginning of the video, I thought it was another loving girl caring for her pet. But not so after seeing towards the end of the video...

For whatever reason, this chinese girl's action in the video is very cruel towards animal. I guess action should be taken against her. I can't help it but it kept me wondering if they are buying the rabbits to be eaten for dinner or rearing as a pet. I really do hope that they are treating it as dinner. What she is doing is very awful and from how she is prepared with the glass panel, I do not think it is the girl's first time.

Her friends are sitting there to enjoy the show? Yikes! These girls are sick. I really pity those rabbits still alive in the cage.

 Judging from the conversation they had, I think they are from China.

Are You Ready For A Better Solution?

5 days ago I went to the pet shop to get my cat litter as it was running low. It's time to replenish anyway. I've always been buying the crystal alike cat litter as it is considered one of the best so far.

Although the cats may be messing the floor with a few bits of crystals scattered around the floor after they do their business, however, the maintenance is generally pretty low.

I'm a happy owner of 2 6-year old male tabby cats with one of them, a mixed furball where he will have a few clumps of litter stucked on his ass and feet whenever he uses the toilet. Worst if I were to use the clumping litter. The clumps would get stucked to the feet of both my cats. I would feel like my house is as if undergoing renovation that will never end cause of the powder flakes. It's forever dusty, sandy and dirty.

Also, you do not need an alarm or a reminder to tell you that it's been 3 days and it's time to change your cat litter. The odor itself will. Even if you can stand the smell,  the boys (cat) will throw tantrum at you telling you that it's time for you to change by standing right in front of the litter box. Even they can't stand the smell! This applies for both crystal and powder cat litter.

The problem is, so far I could not find a litter that will suit both my boys and make the least mess not until I saw EverClean lying on top of the rack!

I decided to give this brand a try. So far, to my surprise, it is amazingly effective! This litter has very little odor comparatively to any other brands that I have tried. It's been 5 days unkept and yet, the formula simply mask the odor pretty well. To my amazement, the floor is just as clean. My boys does not get cemented feet with this product.

Apparently EverClean clumps nicely. The clumps do not break apart when you are scooping and this is very good. The clumps, to me, is like cement stones that reduces odor. It would be a good try if you are fed up with the current cat litter of yours. Warning, it does cost you a bit comparatively to the other litters. But then again, it's definitely worth the try right?

This is how the packaging looks like

I'm like picking up clumps of stones.

Isn't this wonderful? No dust, No smell, only stones.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Peak - Madame Tussauds Hong Kong (Wax Museum)

We visited Victoria Peak when I was in Hong Kong. It is one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong. We took a tram from Sheung Wan to Central and had a walk of 20 mins up the hill to The Peak Tram Station. From the tram, you'll see all highest building in Hong Kong surrounding you. Don't miss the Bank of China!

To reach The Peak, you can go by public bus or taxi, but for a more spectacular ride is to hop aboard the Peak Tram at the Lower Peak Tram Terminal.

If you have actually purchased the 3 day pass from the airport, you would need to purchased tickets to go up the Peak. The ticketing officer gave me a scare when I enquired and showed him my pass and asked if it was usable, he took it from me, scanned it and told me that I have been reloaded HKD 200 in the card and asked me for money. Luckily I could ask for refund if I have not used up the money in the card.

When you are on the tram, if possible, sit on the right hand side so that you can see the skyline of the spectacular Hong Kong. During our trip we didn't get to see much view cause it was really cloudy. The railway will glide 373 metres to the top and you will actually feel a force of climbing although you are on the train. Just that this time, you don't need to use energy.

At the Upper Peak Terminal, you'll be able to locate Madamme Tussauds easily. To me, it is fun to visit this place especially the special horror room called 'SCREAM - Run For Your Life' where it's a mixture of wax and human scaring you. I didn't want to go in there this time as there were nobody else going with us and I do not want to be the only one being scared! The sentiment would not be funny and I would probably fight back and give them a good whack. But, it sure does look scary from the outside!

I must say that the wax figurines are really quite impressive although some does look quite fake. I kept wondering to myself if they have the exact precise details of the actual person. I actually pulled the hair of Michele Yeoh to check if it is real or fake. LOL! And also, I have a feeling that they left out something very imported for the men wax figurines. Their groins... very flat... no buldge at all. LOL!

Here are some of my favourite picks from the photo collection of mine...

Princess Diana. She looked so pretty and real.

I would never be able to see Pavarotti in real. However this is how he looked like.

This wax figurine looked so real although I do not know who is she. (Can you tell me what's her name in the comment box below?)

Johnny Depp

Leon Lai. He looked real tho, but don't they have a younger looking version of him? He looked so old.

My old time favourite.... Beckham!

This fella Dao Ming, he's damn bloody tall. The tip of my head is only at his chest!

Elvis Presley - King of Rock 'n Roll

Tina Turner. Didn't look that real rite?

Although The Beatles doesn't look that real, but I do like it.

THIS... IS.... MAJOR! Madonna!

Michael Jackson. When he was black.

Teressa Teng

Anita Mui. I seriously can't recognise her. Where's the famous Anita Mui mole??? Besides her eyes, everything looked so fake.

And lastly, Miriam Yeung...

This is a place that you MUST visit when you are in Hong Kong. Don't miss it!!!!!

Sohotel, Hong Kong - A Good Hotel To Stay

I always thought that the hotel rooms in Hong Kong shouldn't be any much different from the other hotels that I have stayed. For the price of HKD 1000 a night for a Standard Room, I had nothing much to complain about especially when you are staying in the island of Hong Kong itself.

Sohotel is located at 139 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. The location is ideal, smacked right in the middle of everywhere. If you want to go to Hollywood Rd, Midlevels, Victoria's Peak, Bars, taking the Sheung Wan MRT station to Central and Wanchai station, is all within the vicinity. You can even walk if you want to. Besides, it's just next to the streets of "lap cheung, abalone, ginseng and birds nest" shops. But do expect to climb up hills tho. It's not fun walking up and down on the hill and stairs when you really do need to walk a lot when you are in Hong Kong.

If I were you, I would come to this hotel with a high expectation on cleanliness but not the space cause you'll be pleasantly 'surprised' as I was. The rooms are really small. Just big enough to fit 1 big luggage. When I first entered the room, I didn't know how and where should I place my luggage bag and how do I open it. At the end of the day, I placed it next to my bed where I have to really move the bags around when I need to reach for the safe box. LOL! I do feel that I got deceived by this picture. And yet again, pictures are deceiving.

And this is the actual room that I've got.

Did you see and  compare the bed? It looked so different right?

I was telling myself, if I were to grow any fatter, I wouldn't be able to fit in the room even. No wonder everyone in Hong Kong is so slim and fit. And then again I told myself that for the price that I paid for, it is fair enough although I can get bigger and better rooms in other countries. It does remind me of the tiny room I stayed in when I was in Japan.

But then again, the sizes of Hong Kong hotel rooms or even houses are really compact. I had a friends that invited us to their condo. I was pleasantly surprised on the size and definitely the price. Do you know that a condo in Kow Loon or Tsim Sha Tsui can cost you HKD 6 mil and the size of the house is just about 500 sqft? It's even smaller than the place that I am staying? We are lucky staying in Malaysia cause if I were to be the one owning a unit in Hong Kong, I would definitely feel clusterphobic and would not want to stay at home cause I need to breathe! OK. Back to this hotel room.

The breakfast in the hotel was so so, but there is food everywhere near the hotel and it's not that expensive. If you are a small eater, I would suggest you order for 1 portion and share it with 2 person. Hong Kong people can really eat and yet they are fit!

This hotel is also equip with free internet access. But it's cabled though. If you want free WIFI, please do request to stay on the 5th or 7th floor cause they only have wifi at level 6, the breakfast area.

The reception was pretty nice, friendly and very efficient. Coming from Malaysia, you wouldn't feel lost cause they speak in English and Cantonese too although they can tell immediately that you are either from Malaysia or Singapore. In all, Sohotel would be a good place to stay if you were to visit Hong Kong. I'd stay there again due to the convenience & location. Click on the title to check out their site for more pictures. Thumbs UP!