Monday, November 22, 2010

Advertising. The Most Powerful Source In Driving Sales. But Are We Doing It Right?

The Evolution

Back in the olden days, life was easy. Working husbands would return home daily with their family members greeting them at the doorsteps; with meals awaiting on the dining table. Supermarkets and entertainment outlets were limited. These family spends most of their time at home, reading newspapers, watching television or even picnic at the park.

In these recent years Malaysian households have undergone tremendous transformation following the changes in the economy. The shift from agricultural commodities to industrial production has increased job opportunities and changing lifestyles. Family mobility has expanded, individuals are spending more time out-of-home as a result of their modern schedules.

The Time Spent At Home

Urban Malaysia showcases various shopping malls, culture and cuisine in thoroughly modern settings. And with great offers of perfect holiday getaways, an individual only spend an estimate of 35% of their time at home.

A typical time spent of an individual these days would be mainly for business, travelling, lifestyle activities and most of the time, on the road, in short, OUT-OF-HOME.


As we all remembered, advertising was way easier back in the 80’s. Newspapers, television, posters, leaflets and sandwich boards were only the few media that you would need to consider for advertising.

These mediums focused mainly to households where consumers were relaxing or spending time together at home.

But time has changed… Today, emancipation leads to media explosion, globalization, and a knowledged society. Even one of the world’s oldest advertising mediums, outdoor advertising, has been evolving and is now classified under Out of Home to encompass the many different formats.

OUT-OF-HOME (OOH) Advertising

Out of Home (OOH) advertising in Malaysia is presently experiencing phenomenal growth focusing on consumers when they are commuting in transit, in commercial areas and in public places. OOH advertising formats fall into billboard, ambient, transit, or even point-of-sale (retail).

Outdoor advertising has been around as long as advertising itself but this medium is showing new life. Traditional billboard remain the predominant form of outdoor advertising. However there’s been explosive growth in ambient advertising where the advertising is distributed to audience in such places as retail outlets, office buildings, shopping malls, theatres, restaurants and convenience stores. Transit advertising is featured on anything which moves from buses, trains, buses, taxis, and mobile trucks. Point of Sale relates to the retail arena while ambient commonly refers to ‘surroundings’ – elevators, lifts, and other alternative spaces, eg. building wraps, 3D free standing structures and plasma TV wraps in restaurants and coffee shops mainly seen in urban centers.

The Complexity That Cluttered The Minds

Out of Home (OOH) advertising has long been one of the favorite medium for media buyers. The last few years have seen particularly dramatic growth, especially in and around the major cities of Malaysia. The primary, and widely accepted, reason for outdoor advertising is that it provides mass-market visibility for clients and large canvases on which to present bold messages and stunning creative.

There are signs, however, that the many mix media afforded by outdoor advertising may be getting choked. Outdoor has become too crowded and it is impossible to stand out amid the clutter. The outdoor medium has become a victim of its own success, and some of its intrinsic strengths are beginning to become diluted. To a certain extend, if it is not carefully innovating and reinventing themselves to stay relevant to the most demanding advertisers, it will become a potential blind spot.

Captivation and The Platform That Will Stand Out From The Clutter
In my personal opinion, to advertisers, don't you think that you should capture your target market during their dwell time? Wouldn't it be good if we were to place our adverts at advertising mediums that really stands out, with your consumers giving their undivided attention to them? That would be the best medium to roll out your campaign right? Also, do consider having advertising mediums that will require your target market wait for more than 5 mins looking at it, do nothing else, see nothing else, but only looking at your advert. Wouldn't this be the most impactful and best advertising investment?

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