Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sohotel, Hong Kong - A Good Hotel To Stay

I always thought that the hotel rooms in Hong Kong shouldn't be any much different from the other hotels that I have stayed. For the price of HKD 1000 a night for a Standard Room, I had nothing much to complain about especially when you are staying in the island of Hong Kong itself.

Sohotel is located at 139 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. The location is ideal, smacked right in the middle of everywhere. If you want to go to Hollywood Rd, Midlevels, Victoria's Peak, Bars, taking the Sheung Wan MRT station to Central and Wanchai station, is all within the vicinity. You can even walk if you want to. Besides, it's just next to the streets of "lap cheung, abalone, ginseng and birds nest" shops. But do expect to climb up hills tho. It's not fun walking up and down on the hill and stairs when you really do need to walk a lot when you are in Hong Kong.

If I were you, I would come to this hotel with a high expectation on cleanliness but not the space cause you'll be pleasantly 'surprised' as I was. The rooms are really small. Just big enough to fit 1 big luggage. When I first entered the room, I didn't know how and where should I place my luggage bag and how do I open it. At the end of the day, I placed it next to my bed where I have to really move the bags around when I need to reach for the safe box. LOL! I do feel that I got deceived by this picture. And yet again, pictures are deceiving.

And this is the actual room that I've got.

Did you see and  compare the bed? It looked so different right?

I was telling myself, if I were to grow any fatter, I wouldn't be able to fit in the room even. No wonder everyone in Hong Kong is so slim and fit. And then again I told myself that for the price that I paid for, it is fair enough although I can get bigger and better rooms in other countries. It does remind me of the tiny room I stayed in when I was in Japan.

But then again, the sizes of Hong Kong hotel rooms or even houses are really compact. I had a friends that invited us to their condo. I was pleasantly surprised on the size and definitely the price. Do you know that a condo in Kow Loon or Tsim Sha Tsui can cost you HKD 6 mil and the size of the house is just about 500 sqft? It's even smaller than the place that I am staying? We are lucky staying in Malaysia cause if I were to be the one owning a unit in Hong Kong, I would definitely feel clusterphobic and would not want to stay at home cause I need to breathe! OK. Back to this hotel room.

The breakfast in the hotel was so so, but there is food everywhere near the hotel and it's not that expensive. If you are a small eater, I would suggest you order for 1 portion and share it with 2 person. Hong Kong people can really eat and yet they are fit!

This hotel is also equip with free internet access. But it's cabled though. If you want free WIFI, please do request to stay on the 5th or 7th floor cause they only have wifi at level 6, the breakfast area.

The reception was pretty nice, friendly and very efficient. Coming from Malaysia, you wouldn't feel lost cause they speak in English and Cantonese too although they can tell immediately that you are either from Malaysia or Singapore. In all, Sohotel would be a good place to stay if you were to visit Hong Kong. I'd stay there again due to the convenience & location. Click on the title to check out their site for more pictures. Thumbs UP!

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