Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let's Vote For Amelia Shahrin!!!!! She Needs Our Support!!!

Hello everyone!! need a favour from all my friends and strangers alike. My dearest friend, Amelia Shahrin is participating in Original Bootcamp (OBC) 8 Week weigh loss challenge which started in October 2010. To be in the finalists list, she needs as many votes to win. Anyone can vote for her and only 1 vote per person. And she will be needing at least 200 people's vote. I'm sure we can do it for her!

Let's give our support and vote for her at the link!!! Vote Here! (Just An Easy Click) The voting is only up till midnight! So, let's help her in her dream of getting slim again!!!!!! VOTE!

She's really working hard for it! So let's help motivate her by doing our bit, VOTE!! She's aiming for 50kgs in the finals!!!!!

Vote Here! (Just An Easy Click)

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