Friday, November 19, 2010

Hong Kong Disneyland - Is It Worthwhile The Trip?

Disneyland!!!! It was the one place that I longed to go when I visited Hong Kong. I've never been to Disneyland! Before our trip, we were debating whether if we should go to Disneyland. Why? Well, I was told that it was fun, but most of the people I asked said that it's not really worth to go. It's small and not much things to do or enjoy there. Anyway, finally we still decided to go cos we were afraid we will not have chance to go to other Disneyland and it's my first time anyway...Damn! I should have gone to the Tokyo Disneyland when I had my chance back then.

Although it was raining, it was quite packed in Disneyland...

I was pretty impressed when the train that took us to Disneyland is actually decorated with the Disneyland themed interior. Look at the Mickey ear handgrip. Isn't it cute?

It got me real excited when I saw this entrance... it really gave me the feeling that I am entering DISNEYLAND! "Sua Gu" me. hehehe..

It was raining in Hong Kong, NO, drizzling rather, everyone was hiding by the pavement or inside the shops. But I must say that it is quite pack for a drizzling day... LOL!

Saw a lot of "Chinese" rushing their kids over, pushing people around and kids aside just to take picture with Goofy and Pluto. Yawn! It did give me the feeling of being in China... Oh yeah. I am in China!

Our first stop was to buy the Disney raincoat, then the Disney museum where you will see Snow White's display till Toy Storey's cabaret! It may amaze the kids but not me though.

We wanted to take this car ride or the train to bring us rounding Disneyland.. but what the heck, we rather walk... LOL!

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster Ride! Initially I thought it was a cool ride but what I did was just sit in the 2 seater automated machine... and then shoot some silly lazer lights onto some hole to gain points. And then I thought that it should be an interesting ride cause by shooting those holes, I should be getting prizes or free coupons if I can obtain high score. But what the heck, they just congratulated me on the status board and bloody ranked me Ranger First Class! I didn't even know what the objective and why was I shooting! BOO!

This Autopia car ride was stupid. Hard to control and is on a track. I would prefer it a Go-Kart alike rather. Besides, you will hear repeats of "Please Do Not Bang The Car In Front Of You". Another BOO!

Had a little fun riding on this one altho it's just another normal ride. Maybe the kids would enjoy this more! It's A Small World Ride! My comment on this ride would be So So!

In this Alice In Wonderland Tea Cup Ride, I tried to spin ourselves as fast as possible..and to my amazement, we didn't get dizzy... hahahahha... another OK ride!

As for the next stop, we went to the Golden Mickey's Mini Musical. I must say that I really liked it! AWESOME! Wished it was longer but I'm just not used to a cantonese speaking Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Anyhow, enjoy these videos!

Beauty And The Beast

Toy Story

Tarzan. But he's really sweaty!

The Medley which was very very good!

The ending... which is also good! Bravo to this one. It's the only worth it factor for HK Disneyland!

Right after having lunch, which was really a big portion and struggling for place to sit with the "Chinese", we went to Mickey's Philharmagic show in 3D. And again we have to struggle to go in. Don't this people know how to que  up? They gave us these 3D plastic glasses, but what we saw was just a sharper image of Donald and Mickey and nothing so 3D about it. Another So So item!

Haha! The Jungle River Cruise, of course in our ride, we were in our raincoats cause the emcee warned us that we would get a little wet on top of the drizzle... However it didn't matter. What we enjoyed on this trip wasn't the ride itself but more of the emcee's joke during the ride. Altho the ride was lame, but he was really good and funny! Thank god we went to an english speaking ride segment/boat. Entertaining!

After that we were kinda tired. It's already half a day gone! We went walk around in the shops half thinking and deciding if we should buy anything from Disneyland as memorables or decoration or gives, but, after a second thought, we kinda decided NOT! I don't really wanna dust or wipe the dust collection from these collectibles. However we did eye on the Mickey Mouse watch where we once had long long time ago. Anyhow, I bought myself a Disneyland jacket! hehe!

So that's it! Disneyland in Hong Kong is only a so so. No big deal. I rather you go to the Tokyo Disneyland which is very much bigger and more fun rides!

Here's a recap of all the rides at Disneyland Hong Kong for you to review if you want to spend half your day in this area or shopping and visiting other places. It's tiring to walk you know. In Hong Kong, you do not get to drive but walk all the time and climbing hills!

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