Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Would Love To Get Myself Into One Of These Rides. Wanna Join Me?

The Griffon roller coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, is a Bolliger & Mabillard diving machine that now reigns as the tallest and fastest dive coaster. American Coaster Enthusiasts and members of the media got a sneak peek at the European-themed adventure park.

Each train consists of three rows of ten seats. Once strapped in, the loading platform floor drops and guests hear, "Now, prepare to enjoy the power and speed of the mythical Griffon." After a right turn out of the station, riders climb a 45-degree lift hill running about 10 feet per second,(6.8 mph) 205 feet up. Then they make another turn to the right and face the Royal Palace Theatre. The trains pause on a holding brake for five seconds before dropping 205 feet at 90° hitting 71 mph. The ride then goes into a 146-foot Immelmann loop before making a sweeping turn upward to the left and into the block brake. Riders will then drop 130 feet down at 87° toward The Rhine River and into another 100-foot Immelmann inversion. Finally, riders will exit a bunny hop into a water splash pool. Each of the three trains produces a different water spray pattern up to 45 feet high. Riders then encounter a small dip just before the final brake run and station.

This is one scary ride. Doesn't just looking at the video scare you?

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