Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Mansion @ The Majestic Hotel, Malacca, Malaysia

I would like to feedback on my recent experience dining at The Mansion, Majestic Hotel, Melaka on 14 November 2012. Although the staff were friendly and helpful, however their courteousness and knowledge were deemed least met our expectation for a fine dining restaurant. Here are some pointers for further improvement:

1. It took us more than 4 call transfers in the span of 15 mins to get to the right department to book for tables at The Mansion.

2. The pianist at The Mansion should get better in time to create better ambiance. For certain moments, it was uncomfortably quiet while dining.

3. Waiters and staff should know orders by diners, not asked who's ordered what. The treatment was as though we were dining in a cafe instead.

4. Our plates were immediately removed after diners finishes their meals.

5. Main course were served even before diners finishes their appetizers.

6. Plates and utensils were removed in the way of diners when they are eating that made diners make way for your waiters instead.

7. Staff were removing plates and utensils in a clumsy & rushed manner.

8. Fire your pastry chef! Ice cream should not be served melted.

9. Instead of having a mobile credit card machine to facilitate keying of their pin number during payment, diners were asked to head down stairs to your bar counter to do so instead?

10. Your restaurant manager and waiter was demanding and insisting for our credit card and pin number during payment. We understand on CC number BUT why the pin number? We were told it was a common practice for the hotel that has been practiced for years. Is that true? Please clarify. You could have jotted down the credit card number and make us counter sign on the bill. But why do so to create such an ugly and unpleasant scene after your staff returns our credit card and credit card receipt? If fact, we had to request for our dining receipt if not your staff would have kept quiet as we leave?

11. Our guests are from UK and it certainly did not meet any fine dining expectations not especially when the dinner costed RM 1,850 and with the amount of service tax paid. Instead, this has created a horrible unpleasant experience to us and our guest. We were totally embarrassed with the scene created by your staff. How could we even consider The Mansion @ The Majestic Hotel, Melaka to be the right place to host our guests in future? The reviews that you have and projected online is totally the opposite of what we have experienced. It is definitely not that majestic after all.