Sunday, November 21, 2010

Are You Ready For A Better Solution?

5 days ago I went to the pet shop to get my cat litter as it was running low. It's time to replenish anyway. I've always been buying the crystal alike cat litter as it is considered one of the best so far.

Although the cats may be messing the floor with a few bits of crystals scattered around the floor after they do their business, however, the maintenance is generally pretty low.

I'm a happy owner of 2 6-year old male tabby cats with one of them, a mixed furball where he will have a few clumps of litter stucked on his ass and feet whenever he uses the toilet. Worst if I were to use the clumping litter. The clumps would get stucked to the feet of both my cats. I would feel like my house is as if undergoing renovation that will never end cause of the powder flakes. It's forever dusty, sandy and dirty.

Also, you do not need an alarm or a reminder to tell you that it's been 3 days and it's time to change your cat litter. The odor itself will. Even if you can stand the smell,  the boys (cat) will throw tantrum at you telling you that it's time for you to change by standing right in front of the litter box. Even they can't stand the smell! This applies for both crystal and powder cat litter.

The problem is, so far I could not find a litter that will suit both my boys and make the least mess not until I saw EverClean lying on top of the rack!

I decided to give this brand a try. So far, to my surprise, it is amazingly effective! This litter has very little odor comparatively to any other brands that I have tried. It's been 5 days unkept and yet, the formula simply mask the odor pretty well. To my amazement, the floor is just as clean. My boys does not get cemented feet with this product.

Apparently EverClean clumps nicely. The clumps do not break apart when you are scooping and this is very good. The clumps, to me, is like cement stones that reduces odor. It would be a good try if you are fed up with the current cat litter of yours. Warning, it does cost you a bit comparatively to the other litters. But then again, it's definitely worth the try right?

This is how the packaging looks like

I'm like picking up clumps of stones.

Isn't this wonderful? No dust, No smell, only stones.

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