Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Peak - Madame Tussauds Hong Kong (Wax Museum)

We visited Victoria Peak when I was in Hong Kong. It is one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong. We took a tram from Sheung Wan to Central and had a walk of 20 mins up the hill to The Peak Tram Station. From the tram, you'll see all highest building in Hong Kong surrounding you. Don't miss the Bank of China!

To reach The Peak, you can go by public bus or taxi, but for a more spectacular ride is to hop aboard the Peak Tram at the Lower Peak Tram Terminal.

If you have actually purchased the 3 day pass from the airport, you would need to purchased tickets to go up the Peak. The ticketing officer gave me a scare when I enquired and showed him my pass and asked if it was usable, he took it from me, scanned it and told me that I have been reloaded HKD 200 in the card and asked me for money. Luckily I could ask for refund if I have not used up the money in the card.

When you are on the tram, if possible, sit on the right hand side so that you can see the skyline of the spectacular Hong Kong. During our trip we didn't get to see much view cause it was really cloudy. The railway will glide 373 metres to the top and you will actually feel a force of climbing although you are on the train. Just that this time, you don't need to use energy.

At the Upper Peak Terminal, you'll be able to locate Madamme Tussauds easily. To me, it is fun to visit this place especially the special horror room called 'SCREAM - Run For Your Life' where it's a mixture of wax and human scaring you. I didn't want to go in there this time as there were nobody else going with us and I do not want to be the only one being scared! The sentiment would not be funny and I would probably fight back and give them a good whack. But, it sure does look scary from the outside!

I must say that the wax figurines are really quite impressive although some does look quite fake. I kept wondering to myself if they have the exact precise details of the actual person. I actually pulled the hair of Michele Yeoh to check if it is real or fake. LOL! And also, I have a feeling that they left out something very imported for the men wax figurines. Their groins... very flat... no buldge at all. LOL!

Here are some of my favourite picks from the photo collection of mine...

Princess Diana. She looked so pretty and real.

I would never be able to see Pavarotti in real. However this is how he looked like.

This wax figurine looked so real although I do not know who is she. (Can you tell me what's her name in the comment box below?)

Johnny Depp

Leon Lai. He looked real tho, but don't they have a younger looking version of him? He looked so old.

My old time favourite.... Beckham!

This fella Dao Ming, he's damn bloody tall. The tip of my head is only at his chest!

Elvis Presley - King of Rock 'n Roll

Tina Turner. Didn't look that real rite?

Although The Beatles doesn't look that real, but I do like it.

THIS... IS.... MAJOR! Madonna!

Michael Jackson. When he was black.

Teressa Teng

Anita Mui. I seriously can't recognise her. Where's the famous Anita Mui mole??? Besides her eyes, everything looked so fake.

And lastly, Miriam Yeung...

This is a place that you MUST visit when you are in Hong Kong. Don't miss it!!!!!

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