Friday, February 25, 2011

Radio Commercials: Come On, Give Us A Break. We Don't Need Screeching Tires, Honking Horns, Sirens And Other Adrenaline-Releasing Sounds.

How many of you feels that radio commercials consisting of sound effects from vehicle such as honking, car crashes, car tyre screeching and sirens SHOULD BE BANNED from being aired on radio???!! The commercials aren't just annoying, but very dangerously distracting to road users. I wondered how many accidents these commercial caused.

A natural tendency, when one cannot tell the source of a siren, honk and brakes, is to look in the mirrors thereby taking one’s eyes off the road. This is more dangerous than when there is a real emergency vehicle approaching since other drivers will also be alerted and will be driving more cautiously

I think there are many creative ways to carry the message through without alarming drivers into thinking there is an accident, a hazard, or emergency vehicle approaching. Radio stations, creative agencies and advertisers should be more sensitive towards this!

One of the silliest commercial is from Esso. It is where you get to win Myvi. Why should there be so many honks? You think we guys do not know what Myvi is? Or a car? MixFM loves to promote their community service or public reminder on driving safely. But are these sound effects necessary?

Come on guys, give us a break. I do not want someone crashing into my car because of your commercial! It is a huge distraction from the real traffic, which is deadly. People have enough to worry about with the real traffic, and I could easily see someone reacting and getting in an accident.

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