Friday, January 14, 2011

WHITNEY LIVE!!!!! January 30, 2011 on BET Celebration of Gospel

The audience at BET's Celebration of Gospel 2011 in Los Angeles got a big surprise when Kim Burrell was joined on stage by megastar Whitney Houston. She was the special surprise guest of the evening. The show-stopping performance was met with thunderous applause and cheers from the audience. Whitney’s voice was in good shape to match the vocal styling of Kim Burrell. Many tweets expressed surprise and excitement at seeing Whitney Houston on stage again.

She joined gospel music artist Kim Burrell during the song "I Look To You" and according to the many tweets she was looking great and in great voice.

Jawn Murray tweeted "Kim Burrell & Whitney Houston singing "I Look To You!!!!!" People going bonkers!!!!"

Michael J. T. Fisher tweeted "OMG!!!! Whitney Houston just hit the stage and she still got the star diva power!!!"

BET executive Stephen G. Hill tweeted "Aaaaan there’s whitney houston. Singing with Kim Burrell. Oh. Oh yeah. Team COG ain’t NOTHIN’ to mess with!"

I can't wait to see BET this coming January 30th!!!!! I wonder how she would sound!


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