Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Damn YOU For Treating Your Puppy As A Punching Bag!

A VIDEO circulating on the Internet shows a man forcing a dog to stand on its hind legs and beating it repeatedly each time it failed to do so.

The ordeal lasted for 15 minutes, and probably more.

In the video, he is seemingly trying to train the dog to stand on its hind legs and is heard telling it in Cantonese to "stand upright".

When the dog is unable to do so, he will beat it and shout at it. The man is seen punching the dog in the face, slapping it and throwing it across the room.

At one point, he hit the dog so hard that it flew into the air and landed a distance away from him.

After a few failed attempts, he moved the dog to a computer and made it stand on top of it, despite it being clearly exhausted.

A few minutes later, he shouted at the dog, who then fell off and lay on the floor.

He picked it up, tried to make it stand again and hurled it around when it did not manage to stand upright.

The dog appeared visibly exhausted by now and each time it started to slump, the man became frustrated and hit it continuously.

After 10 minutes, the man asks why does it not have any energy to stand upright.

A woman's voice can also be heard in the video but there were no attempts on her part to stop him.

She merely said towards the end of the video: "It has no energy, dear."

Netizens have identified the man in the video and according to chat transcripts posted online, this video was shot about three years ago and the poodle is now dead.

A woman revealed in the chat transcripts that he now owns a shih tzu. Netizens have expressed concern over whether the shih tzu will be ill-treated.

The woman who posted the video online said that she found a thumbdrive containing the file at Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) in Malaysia.

While netizens have identified the couple in the video, SPCA stated that they are working with their Malaysian counterpart on this and are appealing for information on the man in the video.

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