Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Caught In The Act! And Stop Putting Our Lives At Risk!

As I was driving from Ipoh to KL yesterday I had this bus overtaking me while I was already driving at 120kmph. He was speeding in fact faster than I am. Despite the many bus accidents and crashes or whatsoever accident caused by these irresponsible bus drivers, I never see any action being taken against them. And obviously, this bus driver has not learnt from all these bus accidents news reports.

How many of you who travels on the North South Expressway experienced the similar situation? We,car drivers, at most are only ferrying 4 passengers in our cars, but these bus drivers are ferrying 24 people at least! When are they going to realize on their action? Only when they get into another crash on the highway?

If you are a police officer reading this post, do something about this bus company! If you are a bus passenger, avoid taking buses from this company. We get either get them summoned, or, boycott the company for putting our lives at risk!

StarMart Express or Qistna the Massage Coach! BTW, the bus slowed down when he caught me filming him driving and immediately swerved from the right to the left lane. What an idiot!

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  1. I just had the similar experience this morning. I was entering the highway putting up signal slowly to the right and this Starmart express driver (I already saw him coming from behind but there is a distance apart for me to safely entering the highway) but this guy has no sign to slow down infact he accelerated and horn me , I have to switch back to avoid him from running over me. do you think we can have a proper channel to report these ignorant bus driver? I knew these guys been driving recklessly on the highway. not until they involve in major accident. we should do something.