Friday, January 14, 2011

恋爱通告 / Love Announcement / Love in Disguise

"Love In Disguise” which will be premiering on 13th August, talks about a superstar Wang Lee Hom who despite seeming to be very successful in his entertainment career and having a smooth life, yet he feels empty and regret deep in his heart. Once, his nanny van (褓母車) hit a folk m
usic student Crystal Liu Yi Fei, and the strange action of Liu Yi Fei not checking on her injuries first, but playing her guzheng, combined with the music flowing from the guzheng, caught the curiosity and favour of Wang Lee Hom. Immediately, he decided to slip into the conservatory with his good friend-cum-band partner Chen Han Dian, searching for Liu Yi Fei’s “overtones” (絃外之音).


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